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Real world practical experience which enables meaningful action

Technology Transformation


“It’s all about the requirements, Stupid! – how to build a brilliant product backlog and maintain it”


“Bagile Programme Management – 10 ways to avoid technology programme disasters”

Business Meeting

IT Service Management


“Not Weak and Wobbly – how to build a sustainable technology production support model”

“Service When? – how to implement ServiceNow at scale”

“Always On – how to design a technology command centre”

Brainstorming Session

Employee Engagement

  • “The Moral Imperative" – building a Male Ally network for gender equality”

  • “A Half Decent Human Being" – how to be a leader that creates inclusive teams

  • “Diversity Dialogues" – bridging the understanding gap


Executive Leadership

  • "Columbia's Final Mission" - Making the right decisions in times of complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty

  • “Crisis! What Chrisis?" - How to be ready when disaster happens

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