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Moonshot Consultancy Ltd

IT and Business Consultancy

What we do

Moonshot Consultancy specialises in providing consultancy, workshops, keynote speaking and training and education with the following areas of focus:

  • Technology Transformation

  • IT Service Management

  • Operational Risk

  • Employee Engagement

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Male Allies for Gender Inclusion

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Our Goals

At Moonshot Consultancy, we are passionate about helping organisations to develop and enabling all their employees to contribute to the impact of their company.

Whether it is transforming technology, scaling the running of IT to enterprise level or helping people collaborate and find more effective ways of working, Moonshot will enable companies to find new and innovative solutions to the challenges of the world of work in the mid 21st century.

We believe that:

  • Technology is an enabler to create more interesting and fulfilling roles for everyone

  • Stable IT platforms are key to competitive advantage and this can be achieved in a systemic and cost effective way

  • Happy, motivated employees are essential to improving customer experience and company success

  • A diverse and inclusive workforce will accelerate company performance across all dimensions

  • In the age of AI and assisted human decision making, it is a moral imperative for all companies, especially those in the technology sector, to recruit, retain, develop and promote people from a range of diverse communities.

  • Companies must have a values-led, human-centred, unified approach to employee engagement that includes core elements such as diversity & inclusion, philanthropy, community, sustainability, health and wellbeing and social mobility.


Do good things and good things will happen to you. 


What other's have said about working with Moonshot

Gary took the time to understand the dynamics of the organisation, issues that we are facing, recent diversity initiatives and plans going forward ahead of the seminar and the workshops that he delivered. He made sure that they do not only suit our needs but also challenge us to think outside of the box. Gary engaged well with the participants and he gained their trust. Working with Gary helped us understand the opportunities and risks in relation to diversity. He guided us throughout the process that resulted in identifying new ideas and new ways of working that we will be exploring further

Dorota Sikorska-Kaczanowska, Southampton University

I’ve enjoyed working with the team you have built immensely and it’s without doubt the brightest, most forward thinking and enjoyable group I’ve worked with at JPMorgan

JPMorgan Vice President

We were greatly impressed by Gary’s leadership and performance of the Global Incident Management (GIM) team he built.  By far, JPMorgan’s GIM team delivered the highest level of operational maturity that we’ve seen across our customers

Blackrock3 – Incident Management Consultancy firm

Networking Event

See Gary presenting at a diversity and inclusion conference

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