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Keynote Presentations

Inspire Your Employees

Employee Engagement


“Pride & Prejudice - engaging men in gender diversity and inclusion”

“Sea of Dudes - why technology needs to change”

"The Accidental Sexist - why men don't hire and promote women and how to fix it"

"Aligning Values - building organisations that people want to work for" 

Business Meeting

IT Service Management


“No More Heroes – major incident management that’s better than NASA”

“It’s Change Management but not as we know it, Jim – Revolutionising Technology Change”

“From Chaos to Control and Back Again – How to run an Enterprise IT Production Support Model”

Work Desk

Operational Risk

​The Business Resiliency Framework

  • Part 1: “From Chaos to Control - Repeatable Crisis Management”

  • Part 2: “Who Ya Gonna Call - A Radical New Approach to Business Resiliency”

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