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Male Allies Programme

How to engage men in diversity and inclusion

Aim: to engage men in gender diversity dialogues, hear their perspective and build a supportive network of allies

  • Ensures men (especially those who are managers) increase their understanding of their female colleagues and their experience in the workplace

  • Helps develop men as managers and leaders by comprehending the business importance of diverse teams and how to enable great performance for all their team members

  • Gives them a pathway to explore their own gender based challenges and enhance engagement across all diverse groups

Organisation assessment

1 - 3 Days

  • Understanding organization, culture and staff demographic

  • Evaluate current female experience across the firm

  • Identification of male champions across business groups

  • Agree engagement approach


Building the champions network

1 Day

Immersive workshop covering:

  • Men’s position in the workplace

  • The business case for diversity

  • The female experience

  • Practical action

  • Supporting research


Male allies workshop

1/2 Day

Workshop targeted at men (especially managers), covering:

  • Sharing their views

  • The business case for diversity and supporting research

  • Their colleague’s experience

  • New approaches to hiring, career development, performance mgt and promotion

Men in a Meeting

Diversity dialogues

1/2 Day

Workshop for men and women to:

  • Share perspectives on issues facing both men and women in the workplace

  • Find joint solutions to improve everyone’s experience in the workplace

  • Increase understanding of subjects that can be sometimes difficult to discuss

Networking Group

Maintaining momentum

1 hour (monthly)

  • Monthly 1 hour dialogues with selected cohort groups to:

  • Continue to explore the latest research in diversity and inclusion

  • Evaluate learning from all diversity and inclusion efforts

  • Led by a combination of male champions and women’s network leaders



Senior Manager at BP Global Energy

The best diversity event I have attended in 12 years at BP – pragmatic, real and meaningful

Academic, University of Southampton

Gary's summary was excellent and if ECS has a visioned recovery plan this will secure our future and the prosperity of the School

Professor Neil White, University of Southampton 

Gary worked closely with us to provide a series of seminars and workshop activities on a variety of diversity issues. His enthusiasm and dedication were apparent from the outset and he engaged well with the audience. We have gained a valuable insight into gender inclusivity and have developed some novel approaches that will allow us to push the agenda forward.

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