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At Moonshot Consultancy, we are keen to work with great companies who want to do explore and experiment with different ideas on how to improve the organisations, their approach to technology and how they want to make their employees happier.

We can help :

  • Senior technology leaders develop and implement strategy, technology transformation or enterprise level service management practices

  • Business leaders who need enterprise programme management or organisational change management advice and best practice

  • Delivery teams looking for help on product ownership challenges

  • Production management / DevOps / SRE leaders who want to build their support capabilities to enterprise level class

  • Crisis management or incident management teams who want to revolutionise their response and recovery processes and reduce recovery times significantly

  • ServiceNow implémentation leads who need real-world advice on the right way to implement the ITSM platform and the pitfalls to look out for

  • Business leaders and HR directors looking for fresh approaches to employee engagement and a values-centred people agenda.

  • Senior executives, HR directors and D&I leads wanting to build a inclusion strategy that engages their whole workforce.

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