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Current Focused Programmes

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Male Allies Programme


Companies today understand the strategic importance of having a diverse workforce where all employees feel valued.

But without shifting the mindset of their existing employees, particularly those in management positions, the benefits of creating and developing a diverse workforce remain elusive.


In a lot of industries, the managers who are making daily decisions on hiring, career development, team culture, performance development and compensation are still middle-aged white men.


Even worse, those men are often feeling over-stretched and under-valued.  They feel that they are taking the blame for the issues that are prevalent in the workplace and no one is representing their point of view.


Through an innovative and engaging programme of events, including keynote presentations, Ted Talks, workshops, focus groups and ongoing research and review sessions, we believe that everyone, especially male managers, will become increasingly engaged in developing the inclusivity agenda for the firm in which they work.

Calm Sea

A Business Resiliency Framework

Part 1

"Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the mouth" - Mike Tyson.   So the moment of crisis arrived.  How well has your firm handled it?

Part 2

“Who Ya Gonna Call?” – A radical new approach to business resiliency

Reflection of Monks Crossing a Wooden Br

Columbia's Final Mission

Making the right decisions in times of complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty

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