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Business Resiliency Framework

A fresh look at how businesses can prepare for the next crisis and how to manage them effectively

Part 1 : From Chaos to Control

1 hour keynote presentation

2 hour collaborative workshop

  • "Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the mouth" - Mike Tyson. 
    So the moment of crisis arrived.  How well has your firm handled it?  In this highly interactive session, we aim to go well beyond pandemics and think about what practices your company should be considering in any crisis scenario, what works well and what pitfalls to avoid.    Working back from the middle of this crisis, we will explore not only your firm's execution approach, but also the planning and deployment of new capabilities.  Participants will leave with a clear view on how to improve their crisis management playbook and how to prioritise action, no matter the extent of the issue. Most importantly, they will understand how the people around them, from employees to customers, from regulators to suppliers, need to be ready to deal with the next crisis - because, chances are, it won't look like this one."

On Fire

Part 2:  :Who Ya Gonna Call - a radical new approach to business resiliency

1 hour keynote presentation

2 hour collaborative workshop

In a rapidly changing world, the next crisis is just around the corner.  From pandemics to IT failure, from badly worded CEO tweets to cyber-crime and data loss, every business has to be vigilant and build defences against the risks they know about.


But what about the things that you don’t know you don’t know?  If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that a pandemic isn’t like we thought it would be.  So, how do systemically design and build capabilities that are ready to deal with the unknown?


In this interactive session, we will be looking at how traditional roles need to be re-imagined, how investment in business resiliency needs to shift and discuss practical approaches that enables all parts of an organization to be ready to prevent or respond to their own crisis.

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