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Developing, supporting and transforming enterprise wide technology products, services and teams

Operational Risk

We have developed a lot of practices around operational risk and business resiliency from years of managing enterprise level IT, alongside managing a number of business resiliency initiatives.

This has led to us developing a number of keynote presentations on how companies can prepare for future crises as well as how to execute when the crisis has happened.

Click below to check out our new business resiliency framework programme

Click below to check out our Columbia final mission programme which focuses on how to create better decision and risk management decision making

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Employee Engagement

As well as running many large IT departments (250 people+), we have experience of provide cross-division leadership within a large corporate location (4000+ people).  Examples of the work we did include:

  • Running diversity and inclusion initiatives

  • Co-founding JPMorgan's Male Allies for Women in Technology programme and engaging with over a thousand men (and may women) on the subject of gender equality.  The programme was rolled out for all technology locations and was ultimately adopted for the whole firm.

  • Consistently mentoring and coaching employees at multiple levels

  • Sponsoring all philanthropic efforts within the corporate location including multiple large scale fund-raising events as well as overseeing an over $500k per annum investment in local not-for-profit programmes

  • Implementing dynamic working practices that enable both an improved work environment as well as the flexibility for employees to manage their work/life balance

  • Sponsoring JPMorgan's relationship with Southampton University and transforming it into a strategic partnership rather than a transactional graduate recruitment exercise

  • Supporting a number of large-scale location-wide staff engagement events, including Christmas and Summer parties, employee appreciation week, anniversary celebrations, local employee recognition programmes

  • Defining the blueprint for how to build collaborative team practices across multiple groups from different departments

  • Creating strategic approaches to building mutually beneficial relationships with both local and national companies

  • Developing a new heath and awareness programme that encompassed physical health, mental health and financial a

The knowledge and skills we bring to this include:

  • Collaboration skills

  • Effective communication

  • Strategic thinking

  • Deep experience and knowledge of diversity and inclusion, particularly around gender

  • Partnership building

  • A values centric approach to staff engagement

Click below to check out our new business resiliency framework programme

IT Service Management

We have large scale production management experience. Examples include:

  • Revolutionising the global incident management function for JPMorgan's Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB), improving average recovery times by more than 50% in less than 18 months

  • Implementing a technology command centre strategy in JPMorgan's EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region

  • Running multiple 24x7, global run the bank organisations

  • Managing all run the bank CIB technology functions for operations and finance facing technology on a 24x7 basis. Product areas included equities, derivatives, FX, securities processing, global custody, whole sale loans, core reference data, finance, regulatory reporting, cash mgt & funding, nostro reconciliations

  • Reducing the annual running cost of these platforms by other $6mm per annum

  • Designing and implementing an end to end flow model for JPMorgan's US dollar high value payment business

The knowledge and skills we bring to this include:

  • Deep knowledge and experience of all IT service management disciplines - incident, problem, change, event, availability, service continuity, request, service level mgt & service desk

  • Hands on programme mgt, product ownership and organisational change practices around implementing ServiceNow

  • Expertise in large scale incident & crisis mgt

  • Experience in implementing large scale information architecture and technology data management practices for this domain

  • Knowledge of DevOps and SRE practices

  • Implementation of automated toolchains and continuous integration / continuous delivery platforms

  • How to design a "what good looks like" stability and resiliency inward investment programme

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Technology Transformation

We have enterprise level experience of implementing new technology and leading associated organisational change practices.  Examples include:

  • Implementing ServiceNow to transform how a business interacts with IT

  • Leading agile and devops transformation programmes across dozens of teams and hundreds of people

  • Defining strategic programmes to increase collaboration across multiple technical departments

  • Managing complex re-engineering programmes that replace legacy and outdated technology and bring better solutions that allow business to grow faster

  • Experience of multiple financial product areas - FX, Derivatives, Equities, Wholesale Loans, Treasury, Global Custody, Futures and Options

  • Experience of multiple business processes - Trade capture, risk management, P&L, Confirmations & Matching, Settlement & Clearing, Cash Mgt, Funding and Liquidity, Nostro Reconciliations

The knowledge and skills we bring to this include:

  • Service design thinking that encompasses customer and employee experience

  • Experience of leading digital transformation

  • Strong understanding of agile transformation and product ownership

  • Strategic design, implementation and governance

  • Large scale programme management

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