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A Note of Thank You

It is with a little trepidation that I am writing this post. Self-promotion does not come easy to me and this is a very uncomfortable feeling.

However, I'd would like to publicly state how humbled I feel about being nominated, alongside my good friend Stephen Koch, for the Male Agent of Change at the FDM Everywomen in tech awards

It has been an incredibly rich learning experience for me being part of the Women In Technology group at JPMorgan. It has made me realise just how critical that it is that women are better represented in the technology industry. And not just women. It has helped make it clear to me that we must embrace diversity and inclusion in all its forms. I believe that the pursuit of a diverse and inclusive workforce should be the #1 priority for anyone who works in IT.

For those of us that have been involved in this particular journey, it feels that we have come a long way from our first hesitant steps of setting up a Male Allies group for Women In Technology. However, our impact remains limited and there is so much more to do. With a quick nod to the incredible Eddie Izzard, it feels like we are just a mile since the starting gun on our first marathon.

I'd like to say a big thank you to the following who have helped me through that first mile. I am hoping you will stay with me for a few more. Also, a big apology to anyone I have forgotten!

Julia Warwick; Anna Doherty; Stephen Koch; Mark Napier; Sue Fraser; Kjirste Coltham; Peter McQuillan; Debbie Davis; Ed Boden; Farooq Azami; Simone Satchel; Rachel Buck;

Clair Harvey; Dennis Walker; Andy Pritchard; Kelly Keating; Paul Seargeant; Simon Hill; Jayne Pearce; Simon Bishop; Nick Baverstock; Rich Anders; Danielle Ditalia; Stevie Wright; Mark Young; Stacey Kenny; Cheryl Newton; Lucia Pino-Garcia; Tracy Quick; Sian Allsopp; Milinda Harding; Debbie Collins; Olivia Osmond

And of course, Julie, Isabella and Lily Ford who got me to the starting line in the first place

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